Apple Airpods PRO vs Airpods: Are they really worth it?


Apple has once again, culminated years of research into developing the Airpods pro, and has finally released them.

The Airpods pro are jam-packed with incredible features, here is a breakdown of all the aspects and whether it is worth upgrading price tag.

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Connectivity and setting up

Both of the Airpods offer true wireless connectivity (with 10m range) with a very simplistic setup, requiring only Bluetooth enabled on your

phone and flipping open the Airpods case during the first setup, it really can’t get any basic than that.

The only downside of both of the Airpods is you can’t control the volume from the Airpods. Only though Siri or your device.

Our verdict: draw

Audio quality

Now the Airpods has high sound quality compared to other competitors. However, for on the go the Airpods pro takes the sound to the next level.

As they have an adaptive EQ which optimises sound quality for your physiology, and thanks to a more deeper chamber the audio is enhance. Therefore, the clarity of the instruments you can hear is a lot clearer.

Despite the Airpods containing artificial enhancement of bass and treble. It really sounds like you are in a music studio.

Our Verdict: draw

Battery life

The Airpods pro offers 4.5 hrs whilst the Airpods offers 5 hrs of listening time whilst with the case both offer more than 24 hrs of battery life.

In my eyes, I doubt anyone would be listening to music or talking for more than 3 hours in one go.

Rather surprisingly, apple has only lost 30 minutes more of listening time despite having extra added bits and being smaller than the Airpods.

Our verdict: Draw


With the Airpods pro, it shows a more sleeker design yet still with their signature look and has a customisable fit perfected for all day comfort. Furthermore, the Airpods pro allows you to take an in ear tip fit test which finds the most appropriate silicon tip to the structure of your ear.

Our verdict: Airpods Pro

Added features

If you like a more quieter environment whether its for studying or while you are using the trains the Airpods pro has active noise cancellation which has an external mic and listens to the frequencies and cancels them using more frequencies to neutralise the sound waves at around 200 times per second.

So, all you can hear is nothing, unless you are listening to music whilst the feature is activated.

Or, if you require hearing your surroundings, the Airpods pro has a transparency mode which allows you to hear sounds around you and if your ears are subject to pressure in the ear the added feature of a pressure valve helps to maintain the build up in your ear.

apple airpods pro

Our verdict: Airpods Pro

Overall, the Airpods pro are the winners for an extra £90. However if you can’t dive into your pockets too much, it’s best to stick to the second generation of the Airpods. Or read our article for the cheapest wireless earbuds for both IOS and android.

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