Bose QC35 review: the best headphone right now!


These headphones, the bose QC35, are the best headphone in the market!

That’s from an audiophile’s opinion, which I’m taking from the professionals.

I did say the sony WF – 100MX3 are the best ANC’s but they’re wireless earbuds, these are the best ANC headphones.

If you still don’t believe me, this review will change your mind of the BOSE QC35’s and explaining to you why they should be the only headphone you have right now!

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This one is the second edition of the 35’s, and they are the best in the headphone industry, the reason is because they can deliver unmatched high resolution sound quality and are very comfortable.

Recently, the headphone market has been improving a lot, we have been moving from wired to wireless with ANC technology, and it was about time that bose followed the trends by transitioning to wireless technologies, whilst delivering unrivalled studio quality sound and adding active noise cancellation.

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The design of the headphones, which combines a simple and minimalist look, whilst maintaining the professional design bose QC35s look really professional.

Bose QC35 Headset

The oval Bose-branded ear cups and chunky suede headband is what defines the Quiet Comfort signature look – however with this current model there is a few minor tweaks and changes.

here is a few changes that have been made:

Since they added a Bluetooth functionality they needed to accommodate this new change, so the small power button on the right ear cup can now also be used as a Bluetooth pairing function – its a simple slide to the right which initiates the pairing mode.

You’ll also notice an NFC tag and three buttons down the side, which of course replaces the previous in-line cable controls.

The middle ‘multi function’ button plays and pauses songs, answers and ends calls, and can also initiate voice commands such as Siri, Google assistant or voice dial.

On both sides of the ear cups are two volume buttons which is raised so you can feel your way around the buttons without needing to take the headphones off to look.

On the left ear cup is a single 2.5mm headphone jack if you still prefer a wired connection.

The headband connecting the two earcups is well cushioned and the way the headphones sit on your head is generally comfortable at any time.

I have personally worn these headphones for hours at a time and have found them to be comfortable throughout wearing them.

It also has a fantastic battery duration of about with the volume at 25% 30hrs, and at 50% it drops to 20hrs.

Setting up the bose QC35’s is fairly simple aswell, as Scott has demonstrated.

Sound quality

For sound quality, it can pick up those small details in the instruments or vocals that you might miss in other sets of headphones – bose have taken studio quality sound and dumped it all in a can.

It clearly balances out all sound levels on the whole frequency spectrum, it keeps a controlled and measured management of the high treble to the weighty levels of the base.

Which all add to helping your ears make out each layer of the sound mix where less facilitated headphones would struggle.

One thing I have noticed when using the headphones is that it seems to have a brighter active EQ which brings out the highs and lows more, and I think it works well because audio feels crispy and more distinctive.

Well what this all means, is that the headphones are suited to a very wide range of genres: from audiobooks to hip hop and jazz it ensures high sound quality is delivered, and adding warmth to vocals.

As for Active noise cancellation, well, the QC35’s is particularly best at cancelling out consistent low frequencies like the rumble of a train, planes or AC fans rather than higher-pitched office chatter.

But the chittering sounds is still drowned out to a certain extent by the padding around the headphone’s ear cups.

However, ANC isn’t that dominating when you are using the aux cable – since their isn’t any power for the EQ.

Now it does let you choose how much noise you want to suck out with the 3 levels but when you first start using ANC headphones, you might feel an odd sensation”

This Is something of which you get used to, and you can focus and enjoy the sounds of the music rather than listen to the fuzzy/white noise sounds in the world around you – and with these headphones they can also drain out your own voice so it can feel a little eerie to start of with.


Moving onto comfort, the QC35’s are the most comfortable over ear headphones you can ever buy, its materials and hardware used makes it feel weightless.


The pressured springs within the headband applies just enough pressure to stay on your head without causing any discomfort, the weight is nicely balanced between both cans and even wearing for long hours feels like you have just popped them on.

The cups are well cushioned and create a nice seal around the ears, so you can have a little passive noise cancellation, without using any energy.

It’s tight enough to prevent them flying off your head, when you sneeze but it’s not so tight that it creates uncomfortable pressure points across the top of your head or around your ears. 

It’s definitely possible to wear this for long hours, without feeling any sort of discomfort.


Wrap up

These headphones are brilliant audio companions which works even better with the companion app.

When it comes to audio quality, rivals like Sony, currently, won’t be able to come any close to how good and perfected the sound is.

Bose have literally taken studio sound and inserted it into this, it has never before been done with consumer headphones. Even the Airpods pro, with 200 times per second frequency controls, are no match!

It’s why 35’s are the best headphones you can buy.

Typically, consumer headphones are designed to hide the small details in audio, however with these headphones, it brings it out, you can notice those subtle changes.


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