Is SONY WF-1000XM3 The BEST in the market?


The new Sony earbuds are our highly anticipated true wireless earbuds. The earbuds have just recently landed and raise the standard to a new level, and dwarf the average-sounding Airpods pro.

Now there are plenty of options when it comes to wireless headphones and almost all companies: Google to Lidl branded “silver crest” headsets are concentrating on the market.

This is very positive for the average consumer as prices fluctuate greatly and different variations are facilitated. Therefore manufactures work extra hard to stand out of the crowd and the new Sony earbuds tick all the correct boxes.

Comfort and aesthetics

What really catches my eye is the sleek content design, it is clear that they are a glimpse into the future.

From the predecessors, these have an almost new design. Homing a clean glossy finish in the outer shell in black and platinum silver. Sony has implemented touch sensitive patches; functions vary on the earpiece.

Sony has made it super comfy with a new ‘trihold system’ which has 3 structural key points in the ear to give a better comfort and more support for the buds.

Majority say you can’t even feel it there. They also added high friction rubber on the silicon surface to maintain stability.

Sony has included a personalised choice of different sizes to make sure customers have the correct piece, much more of an advantage compared to rivals. For strenuous activities this is a must buy.

Sony WH-1000XM3 true wireless


This is the “piece de resistance” – the QN1e HD noise cancelling processor. It’s practically similar to the chip found in the award winning Sony WH-1000XM3 over ear headphones.

Sony claims this executes 40% increase in noise cancelling quality and claims to drive greater efficiency allowing for longer battery life. The case does most of the processing like amplification and noise cancelling also DAC.

If you switch the noise cancelling off you get an additional 2 hrs on top of your 6 hrs so total time is 8 hrs of playback.

With the case, it gives you a total of 24 hrs similar to the Airpods pro, charging the earbuds for 10 mins gives you an extra 90 mins for a quick on the go charge.

Sony has also allowed users to use the Sony headphones app which shows you the battery level of each earpiece, and allows you to alter the equalizer.

Unfortunately, the case shows no battery life indicator but a red light blinks rapidly if it has insufficient power to charge the earbuds.

Sony has put all the required ingredients to synthesising the perfect sound, the instruments sound natural and has a vibrant colourful sound whilst the bass delivers power. It certainly contains that right blend. This type of audio quality is difficult to find in over head headphones let alone in something that fits in your ear.

Sony claims there is a 75% drop in latency and it was clear that the delay when watching a video, was negligible. However, when only watching a video on YouTube there is a wincy delay, but it could have been for many reasons, so may be excused on this occasion.

Our verdict

It is impossible to tell how Sony has invented a spectacular item; how compact yet has the magic of an over head headphones. They truly are the best in the market right now and I don’t think they will be beaten anytime soon.


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