New PS4 Attachment released. will this elevate your skills?


Sony has released a new PS4 attachment that transforms your generic skills to a whole new GAMING level, including a sleek OLED finished display.

For a modest price of $30, this clip on ps4 attachment has the ability to map three unique control schemes at a time with sony insisting it works with all games. Including the VR section. The buttons can be any button you want it to be.

Since our middle fingers rest just behind the controller arms, this makes a great investment to make use of those fingers.

Ps4 controller

how to use the controller

You can change the button functionality by, long pressing the OLED screen. Tapping either the left or right back button. Then, you will see the highlighted button icon you want to map.

Its simple and can’t get any easier than that.

Back button attachment

why is this PS4 attachment beneficial for the gaming industry

This has the ability to take a players gaming to a whole new level. As it is very practical to simultaneously press multiple buttons at the same time, in terms of multi player rooms. If you like cloud gaming this can also help you to elevate those skills to a higher level.

It will considerably improve your competition against other gamers, as long as they don’t have this additional feature whilst playing.

how the ps4 attachment fits on the controller

In terms of its finish, it is well designed to match the model of the dual shock 4 controller. Futhermore, naturally sits straight on the back without any parts sticking harshly out of place.


In conclusion, sony’s major competitors: microsoft, scuff gaming, both selling additional attachments well above $100. This certainly ranks the ps4 attachment at the top. However, if you want more buttons. Its best to go with scuff gaming, or a controller that is styled for you.

As a predefined global attachment, this really works well for starter gamers or professionals, it only depends on the way you use it. To benefit yourself.

you can buy it from here or see the most updated price tag.


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