Mojo vision is changing our perspective on the way we see


Some of us want to be the next cyborg or iron man, now it may be possible to have extended visionary/graphical effects with the next in line revolutionary contact lenses. Meet mojo vision.

A little background information

A Californian tech based company called mojo vision have been working on the breakthrough of these bionic lenses with $108 million in funding.

The company is still in the early stages and has yet to trend like giant companies do but with the right marketing I’m sure it will.

The technology behind it seems to be out of this world and has been developed in a state of the art lab by the smartest engineers.

How it works

It displays a monochromatic light which can be displayed over your view. With the added depth of the graphics appearing away from you. In addition it tracks the eye movement so it can focus on what you are looking at.

What can it be used for

The uses range from navigating around the world, to displaying the speed of objects around you. For example if you need to go to a shop it will give directions. Or, the speed of a person running.

In addition, this can all be viewed whilst the eye is shut – a bit creepy, now you can go to sleep knowing you will know tomorrow’s weather forecast.

The idea is that it will be first prescribed to patients with visual defects or impairments, i think this is a great idea to show the world the true power of these lenses. Then, diversify to the public world.



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